Perfectly Tea Combo (Bundle)

Perfectly Tea Combo (Bundle)

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Just like their tea blends, it takes more than just one ingredient to get the best balance. Through the right set of circumstances, entrepreneurial drive, and their shared love for tea, Vivienne Piong, Oflavia Veranez, and Cindy Lee teamed up to create Perfectly Tea. With a balance of their varied talents in strategy, design, and sales, they were able to produce unique tea blends that use nutrient rich ingredients, taste delightful, and satisfy women’s specific needs. With Perfectly Tea, our founders hope to give women a wellness ritual that they will enjoy every day.

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Details and Size

Have the right fuel around the clock with our morning tea and bedtime tea combo. Give our special duo as a gift to your loved ones or yourself!


Power to Create

With pieces of pineapple and premium oolong leaves, Spark up your morning energy with an extra boost of creativity. The bright tropical blend is crafted to help you stay alert and focused. 


10 Sachets

Day-time Use

High Caffeine



Pineapple, oolong tea leaves and natural flavors


Beauty Sleep

Enjoy a calming delight at night. Wake up the next day refreshed and restored! Our carefully crafted tea blend delivers body-calming ingredients for deep relaxation and rest.


10 Sachets

Night-time Use

No Caffeine



Mint, lemongrass, rose, liquorice, lemon balm & stevia leaves.

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