Fashion is more than just clothing; it's a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. In a
world of fast-moving trends and ever-changing designs, finding your unique style can be a
daunting task. That's where our Personal Stylist comes in – to guide you on a
transformative journey towards a signature style that truly embodies who you are.
Imagine having a wardrobe that not only suits your body and lifestyle but also resonates
with your character.



Our Personal Stylist is here to make that a reality. Here's what you can expect from our tailored service:


Discover a palette of colours that harmonise with your complexion and enhance your natural beauty. Our stylist will guide you in selecting hues that illuminate your appearance and evoke a radiant glow.



Our experienced stylist will help you understand your body's unique features and proportions. By identifying the cuts, silhouettes, and styles that complement your physique, you'll feel confident and comfortable in your choices.


Let our stylist be your guide during a personalised shopping experience. With a keen eye for fashion and a deep understanding of your style goals, she will assist you in selecting pieces that perfectly align with your new-found style.

Embrace the opportunity to not only look good but feel good every day. Our inclusive
service covers the essentials:

• Bodyline Analysis

• Personal Colour Analysis

• In-store Personal Styling & Shopping

Discover the confidence that comes with a wardrobe curated just for you. Say goodbye to fashion overwhelm and hello to a style that's uniquely yours.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Simply reach out to us to schedule your personalised styling session. Unveil the true you through the art of fashion.

Duration 3 hours 

RM1,280 per session

Only at Dressing Paula Midvalley Megamall