Year-End Wardrobe Organization and Refresh Tips

Year-End Wardrobe Organization and Refresh Tips

There’s something so symbolic about the transition from one year to the next – the fresh start of it all, and the excitement that comes with a blank slate. The statement “New Year, New Me” is ironically one that has been reused one too many times and yet, it always brings forth the feeling of hope and newness.


Now, when we talk about going into a new year, we have to talk about resolutions, right? Well, with both personal growth and evolving fashion trends, it’s no surprise that we feel ever so inclined to revamp our wardrobe and reform our fashion practices to align with who we want to become this coming year. This year-end, let us take you on a journey of embracing change as it comes with these 5 tips to organize and refresh your wardrobe.

Refresh To Look Fresh This New Year

A new year calls for a new look, and we know exactly how you can refresh your wardrobe to represent the new YOU! This is the best time for you to start experimenting with new styles that are out of your comfort zones or embrace trends that you never thought you could ‘pull off’. We’re talking about incorporating pops of colour into your outfit when you’re used to wearing monochrome, or maybe swapping your jeans for a jean skirt instead! Are you always saving celebrity style inspos but never really giving it a go? There really ain’t no time like the present! Whatever you choose to try, take it in stride and experience the joy of simply trying new things. Who knows, maybe you’ll start to discover that your personal style has evolved into something beyond what you’re used to.




Upkeep your Wardrobe

Owning the wardrobe of your dreams means nothing if you don’t put in the work to maintain and organize it. There comes a time when you have to do regular evaluations on your wardrobe to ask yourself if these clothes are aligning with your personal style and potential lifestyle changes, and what better time than just before the new year starts! Think about it – you may be a full-on dress girlie one year, but come next year, you find yourself wearing only pants most of the time. What happens to most of your dresses then? Our thoughts exactly. Take stock of your wardrobe and you start to see that you’ll actually wear more of the other clothes that you have in your wardrobe on rotation. Let’s not make any dresses or jeans feel left out next year!




Declutter your Space, Declutter your Life

One of the easiest ways to feel lighter and ready to take on a new year is by decluttering your space, and this includes your wardrobe. The act of decluttering is so incredibly therapeutic and relieving that for some people, they do this as often as at least once every month! People have the tendency of keeping or storing clothes for ‘something’ like an event that might never happened, or when you may need to wear it in the future, but let’s be honest – more often than not, these clothes will be collecting dust inside your closet.  Do your future self a favour and part ways with all of your unused or outdated items. Throw out the ones that have tears or defects on them, then maybe sell or donate your wearable clothes. Out with what no longer serves you and make space for new possibilities.



Elevating your Festive Fashion To New Holiday Heights

With Christmas, the New Year AND Chinese New Year all happening within a short period of time between each other, curating your holiday fits might prove overwhelming to some. Don’t worry, we know exactly what will help you. When you are selecting your clothes in anticipation for these festive events, make sure to select versatile pieces that can transition seamlessly from Xmas celebrations to CNY gatherings. For example, red is a great colour to match for both occasions. Another tip is to go for a base that can be styled in many different ways to match the theme of the holiday. Not only does this take the stress away from deciding what to wear, you are also playing with your creativity by allowing yourself to think outside the box without compromising your personal style.




Get on the Capsule Wardrobe Train

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is something that many have slowly adopted, and for good reason. The idea of streamlining your closet to make it more efficient sounds perfect for those that tend to take a very long time to decide what to wear. Start small such as buying pants that would go with anything you pair it with, and getting a few basic colours so that you have something that works for any occasion. Another way is to start with a basic foundation like a black bodysuit, and then build on top of your outfit with different outerwears, shoes, bags and other accessories to create multiple different outfits with just one base. The possibilities are truly endless!




Now, we could go on and on but we’ll leave you with these 5 tips to help you kickstart your wardrobe refresh just in time for when the new year rings around. Without further ado, let’s start this new chapter by leaving what no longer serves you and getting ready to take on the exciting new opportunities that’s coming your way!