CNY Chic: Fusing Tradition & Trend in Your New Year's Attire

CNY Chic: Fusing Tradition & Trend in Your New Year's Attire


As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, there's really no better way to honor this auspicious occasion than to celebrate by adorning ourselves with incredibly chic pieces that transcend time, trends and embrace long-held tradition without sacrificing style. One way to do that is through colour, of course. Now, ‘huat’ hues are we talking here?



Let’s start with the most symbolic CNY colour of all… red!


There’s a very good reason why red is the most worn colour in Chinese culture, especially during special occasions. Red indicates happiness, passion, good luck, strength, fortune and prosperity – all of the things you’d want in abundance come the new year. Ring in the new year with our Structured Neoprene Cheongsam in Red or Sweetheart Neckline Loose-Cut Dress for that touch of tradition mixed with feminine fire, or make a vibrant statement with the Loose-Cut Button-Up Shirt and Linen Trousers With Elastic Waistband for a cozy chic CNY ensemble.


If red is too bold and you’re looking to keep it more low-key, our Structured Neoprene Cheongsam, Jacquard Short Sleeve Crop Top and Halter Satin Cheongsam – all in Pink are notably great alternatives too!


Not feeling red this year? Try going for gold! Not only is it luxurious, but it also symbolizes wealth, prestige, nobility, prosperity and good fortune. Andddd gold is one of the lucky colours to wear in a Dragon year! Dress yourself up in richness with our Guipure Lace Traditional Qipao. While it’s not exactly gold in colour (it’s more of a cream blush), you’ll still look like a million dollars! Looking to tone it down a notch? Yellow represents prosperity, hope, royalty and power (historically, yellow was reserved by emperors for their own exclusive use), and what better way to stay on brand like the royal that you are than to rock our One Shoulder Ruffled Top paired with the Guipure Lace Short Skirt.

Considering it is the year of the Wood Dragon, green is another colour that you should don this CNY because it encourages self-renewal and self-growth. It also represents harmony, balance, prosperity and helps to attract wealth! The Broderie Anglaise QiPao is perfect for your next occasion, or match the Mandarin Crepe Top with a skirt of your choice, or even a pair or jeans to make it more casual and cool for a hot February day.

Beyond the allure of the threads you choose to wear this Lunar new year, each color carries with it a symbolic essence, conveying wishes of joy, luck and prosperity for the year to come. Infuse trend and tradition together this Year of the Dragon and let yourself fly into this new year looking chic without having to concede your choices! Because let’s be real – the battle between traditional and modern, or classic vs contemporary is so last year.