Why French Seam is the IN Thing Right Now

 Why French Seam is the IN Thing Right Now


It seams like everybody’s favorite classic stitch-up is making a comeback – give a round of applause for the one and only French Seam!

As far as sewing techniques go, there’s something inherently delicate and refined about the French seam. Apart from it being what most might call a near perfect edge finish, its neat and modest nature conceals more than just the seam allowance inside the fabric folds. But first, let’s rip this at the seams in case you don’t know what it is and how it’s sewn: a french seam is when you take two fabrics, sew it together, then you take the raw ends of the fabric or the seam allowance, tuck them in and sew it down again so that all you’re left with is a clean, lovely finish with no stray threads in sight. Although it is most commonly used on light and sheer fabric, it can also be used on any fabric if a soft edge is what you’re looking for. This technique also allows your garments to last over time and withstand daily wear and tear.



But wait… if that’s a French seam, then what is couture anglaise?!

Couture Anglaise and French seam may sound like they might be worlds apart, but they are literally one and the same! It’s just called Couture Anglaise in French, and French seam in English. Why? There are many theories circulating around the true origin of the names in each respective language, but it all dates back circa 1860s; by the early 1900s, the French seam became common enough for its polished finishing to start popping up in most sewing manuals.

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