Clef - Moonstone Facial Roller

Clef - Moonstone Facial Roller



CLEF believes quality skincare should be stress-free.

CLEF worked on finding ingredients that were indiscriminately friendly to all skin types, while delivering faster results–to provide a more effective solution that reduced the stress of multiple products & ingredients on your skin. With that, the name CLEF came about through their belief that skincare should be CLean and EFfective. 

CLEF wants to empower you with straightforward skincare solutions that are clean, regardless of your current skin concerns.

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Details and Size
What is a Facial Roller?

It is a facial massage tool made of Moonstone crystal.
This crystal has lots of healing properties, is naturally cool to the touch and great for helping reduce puffiness.
What can I do with a Facial Roller?

- Drive skincare ingredients into the skin
- Increase blood circulation
- Massage away tension
- Sculpt face
- De-puff eyes
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