ANBO - Concrete Series 250G

ANBO - Concrete Series 250G

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ANBO : making beeswax candles an artisan craft. Inspired by personal recollections and love for candles, each craft is an everyday luxury designed to connect us with all candle connoisseurs.

They are constantly pushing the creative boundaries of candle making, but they take quality very seriously. All candles are hand-crafted in Kuala Lumpur, using only natural ingredients. It is 100% natural beeswax, wood wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance oil & essential oil create a clean burn and powerful scent throw.

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Details and Size

Welcome good vibes into your home with a burst of fresh and sunny notes, evoking your unique, beautiful soul & inner peace with ANBO candles.


Jasmine: Influenced by the vibrant energy of Jasmine, the scent serves as a reminder to find your own special place and a sense of security no matter where we are in the world.


Lychee: The wonderful scent of juicy lychee, tangy geranium & prized silver needle tea bring warmth to this perfectly balanced intoxicating blend. You'll feel the good energy in no time.


This concrete candle is a craft of ANBO's team obsession with creative creation. ANBO's perfectly imperfect handmade concrete vessels tells the story of its origins, the people who made it, and its journey from a bag of cement to a functional vessel. The unique concrete vessels are handcrafted - mixed and hand-poured in ANBO's studio in KL, Malaysia. 

Purchasing the concrete vessel is different from purchasing a set of manufactured vessel. Handmade means variance - since they aren’t using a machine and every piece is created by hand, the pieces WILL be slightly different.

Size Measurement

250g: Burns up to 65 hours. Best for when you're hosting parties in a large space or living room when winding down after a busy day.


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